KY Deer Hunting Season 2017

Roughly 82% of the deer harvested in the 2016 hunting season were killed with a firearm. Book your room at the Hatfield Inn, dust off your preferred hunting firearm and get ready to bring home some jerky. The 2017 KY deer season is upon us.



Kentucky actually has six distinct categories for deer season, each with its respective age group or weapon type.  The following list provides a high-level overview of the KY deer hunting season for 2017.  Additional information for deer hunting zones and seasons in Kentucky can be found at the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife


KY Deer Season for Zones 1 & 2


  • Modern Gun: Nov. 11-26
  • Archery:  Sept. 2, 2017 - Jan. 15, 2018 (either sex)
  • Crossbow: Oct. 1-22 and Nov. 11 - Dec. 31, 2017 (either sex)
  • Muzzleloader: Oct. 21-22 and Dec. 9-17, 2017
  • Free Youth Weekend: Dec. 30-31, 2017 (either sex)



Opening day of modern gun season means that many hotels will be booked.  You may have even read about horror stories where certain chain hotels have participated in "price gouging" during the opening weekend of deer season.  Not the Hatfield Inn!  You can expect the same great rates, clean rooms and friendly service at the Hatfield Inn during the opening weekend of deer season as at any other time throughout the year.  See what other happy customers have said about the Hatfield Inn experience.


If you're planning to be in your deer stand before the break of day, you'll be happy to know that the Hatfield Inn will be serving an early breakfast for deer hunters throughout the 2017 deer season.  Just to clarify, when we say "breakfast" we mean a full meal with good variety that will help you kick off a successful day of deer hunting (no frozen toaster waffles here!).


Time is running out and rooms are booking up fast!  Don't let that trophy buck get away because you got caught in morning traffic on your way to your favorite KY deer hunting spot.  Whether you'll be hunting in zone 1, zone 2 or zone 3, the Hatfield Inn is centrally located, providing convenient access to all three of these Kentucky Deer Hunting Zones.


According to the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources, Grayson County, KY, deer harvest results for 2016 numbered 2170.  Of the 2170 deer harvested in 2017, 1781 (82%) were killed with a firearm.  Dust off your favorite firearm, contact the Hatfield Inn to book your room and start packing.   The 2017 Kentucky deer hunting season is upon us!