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Fun Winter Activities near Leitchfield, KY

Okay, we get it. Winter is cold, gray, dark...and did we say cold? But just because it happens to be winter doesn’t mean that there aren’t some fun things to do near Leitchfield, KY. Let’s take a quick look at a couple of fun activities that you may want to check out with an hour of Leitchfield…

Make the Most of Winter with a Frozen Niagara Cave Tour

While there are many beautiful things that you may consider checking out during a quick trip to the park, you’d do yourself a disservice if you didn’t grab a cave tour. Perhaps one of the simplest, most-appropriate tours to check out during a winter visit is the Frozen Niagara Tour.

Your Thanksgiving Home for the Holidays

If you’re planning a Thanksgiving visit to friends and family in or around Leitchfield, KY, we’d like to invite you to make the Hatfield Inn your Thanksgiving home for the holidays.

Stay at the Hatfield Inn for the 2018 Deer Season

Hunters!! It’s that time again! Deer season 2018 is in full swing and the Hatfield Inn is here to make sure that your deer hunting experience near Leitchfield, KY, is an enjoyable one.

3 Reasons Why You Really Should Give Sandy's Restaurant a Try

Over 150 organic Google reviews can’t be wrong. Sandy’s Restaurant is a legit establishment with some really great food. Read on for 3 reasons why you really should try Sandy’s Restaurant in Leitchfield, KY.

Fun Summer Activities near Leitchfield, KY

With Leitchfield being within 25 minutes of both Nolin Lake and Rough River Lake, it should come as no surprise that the majority of fun things to do near Leitchfield during summer have to do with water, but that doesn’t mean that the lakes are the only places for summer fun.

Gearing Up for the 2018 Grayson County Fair

The 2018 Grayson County Fair runs from August 28 to September 3. You don't want to miss this full-filled event in Leitchfield, KY.

The Best Restaurants in Leitchfield, KY (based on organic, consumer reviews)

Here’s an overview of the best places to eat in Leitchfield, KY, based on organic reviews from the web. We have no affiliation with any of the restaurants featured in this list; likewise, this article is not representative of the opinion of the Hatfield Inn.

Good Times with 2018 Twin Lakes National Fiddler Championship Guests

If you didn't make it out the 2018 Twin Lakes National Fiddler Championship, you missed a great show. Here are a few behind the scenes interactions with some of our wonderful guests who attended this event.

Best Things to Do Near Leitchfield, KY Summer 2018

With the first official day of summer 2018 just around the corner, we're taking a look at top events that you don't want to miss near Leitchfield, KY. This summer is loaded with fun, so grab your shades and sunblock. It's time to get this party started!