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Please rest assured that The Hatfield Inn is aware of the growing concern of Coronavirus and all those it affects. Even though there are currently no cases of the illness identified locally, we understand that our guests are traveling, and we believe in doing our part to keep everyone as safe as possible.

We have always practiced diligent cleaning processes in our rooms and throughout the hotel. We are continuing to provide freshly laundered linens and disposable toiletries in each room. Our housekeepers are still using fresh cleaning supplies and EcoLab cleaning products which contain a specific disinfectant that effectively combat viruses like COVID-19 (Coronavirus) daily. However, we know that this is a concerning time for all travelers and wanted to share the extra precautions we are now taking to keep our hotel staff and guests healthy.

  • All employees are being monitored for symptoms of respiratory infection and other illnesses.
  • Proper hygiene etiquette is being reinforced to reduce the chance of illness.
  • Our staff has been trained on infection prevention and control procedures.
  • Proper supplies are being provided and used in order to reduce the spread of pathogens.
  • High traffic areas are cleaned on an ongoing and frequent basis.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at the front desk and other sanitizers are available upon request.
  • All necessary resources are being inventoried and tracked to prevent shortages of supplies.

Please remember to wash your hands regularly and practice safe and clean preventive measures for yourself and for the other guests. We are doing our best to work with all community assets to provide the most up-to-date information to our staff and guests. Once again, these steps are being taken as a precaution against outbreaks of COVID-19 in the state of Kentucky and across the country.

Seeking Care Infographic

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